Exploring Emotion-Related Spatio-Spectral EEG Oscillations in a Longitudinal Music-Listening Study

Symposium 1-2Time:13:30 - 15:00

Yuan-Pin Lin1
1Institute of Medical Science and Technology, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan,

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) translate human intentions into control signals to establish a direct communication channel between the human brain and output devices. Machines would be further augmented with emotional awareness and intelligence to sense and respond to human affective states. The field of affective brain-computer interface (ABCI) becomes the focus of next-generation BCIs. On the pathway from laboratory ABCI research to real-world applications, one critical challenge is that the brain often switches between different operation modes in ecologically valid environment due to the alternation of individuals’ behavioral and mental states. However, most of the current EEG analytical study only focus on single-day/-session data analysis with an assumption that EEG source activities are stationary and spatially fixed. This assumption is likely invalid to the realistic environment. Accordingly, how to model and alleviate nonstationary EEG oscillations accounting for emotional responses is an emerging issue, yet is less addressed in this field. This study aims to (1) perform a longitudinal music- listening study and collect realistic emotion-related EEG signals, and (2) exploit spatio-spectral EEG oscillations and their connections correlated with emotional responses. The successful demonstration can facilitate the design of an emotion-aware model for real-life applications. (Coauthored with Yi-Wei Shen and Kuan-Jung Chiang) Keywords: EEG non-stationarity, affective brain-computer interface, EEG connectivity.

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