Perception of User Movements When Exploring Large Virtual Environments in a Limited Physical Workspace

Symposium 2-3Time:13:00 - 14:30
Yi-Ping Hung1
1Tainan National University of the Arts and National Taiwan University, Taiwan,

Due to the progress of new technologies, the price of high-quality head-mounted displays (HMDs) has recently dropped to a new low level which dramatically accelerates the research and development in the field of virtual reality (VR). While immersive VR can virtually take users to various remote sites and provide them fascinating and compelling experience, it is still a challenge on how to explore a relatively large virtual environment when the users are wearing an immersive headset and situated in a limited physical workspace. In this work, we focus on designing methods to enable users to move in the 3D physical workspace when exploring a relatively large 3D environment. For example, we allow the users to explore a large cave, Mogao Cave #61 in Dunhuang, either by walking on a small carpet or by repeatedly jumping-and-sliding. User studies are conducted to investigate the perceptual effects caused by different types of movements, such as jumping-and-sliding, sitting-and-maneuvering, and spider-silking.

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