Blue-light effects on human perception and cognition

Symposium 2-3Time:13:00 - 14:30
Su-Ling Yeh1
1National Taiwan University, Taiwan,

In daily life we are exposed to a variety of artificial light sources; among them the high energy blue light from electronic devices has attracted much attention recently. Paradoxically people change their light sources to LED bulbs containing blue light while also try to filter out blue light by various devises (e.g., blue light filtered glasses/screen) without knowing much about the blue-light effects. In addition to affect color perception in the image-forming visual pathway, blue light also can impact on the recently discovered intrinsically photoreceptive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) which has a spectral sensitivity peaking at 480nm. Animal studies indicate that blue light via ipRGCs affects circadian rhythm, sleep, and pupil constriction. We show here how, through multidisciplinary approach, to explore and find the blue light effects on different aspects of human spatial vision, time perception, audiovisual integration, and executive functions. With the rapid development of modern technology, collaborative works in different fields nowadays become even more imperative than ever before.

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